Brick Laying

Exterior brick renovations can be a simple and pleasurable way to increase the value and appeal of your home. Brick laying is actually very easy to do. With a few tools, bricks and mortar, you can finish your do-it-yourself project in no time.

What You Need

In order to complete your exterior brick renovations, you need to have some basic supplies o­n hand. Of course you will need the brick of your choice, as well as mixed mortar for holding the bricks together. You will also need to have a chisel for removing old bricks, several troughs for spreading and mixing the mortar, and a wire brush for cleaning the areas where the old bricks have been removed.

You may also want to have a pair of gloves and a pair of safety glasses o­n hand. The mortar will get o­n your hands without gloves, and can irritate skin so it is best to protect yourself. With all of your needed supplies o­n hand, you are ready to begin your renovations.

Replacing and Adding Brick

To being your brick laying project, you will want to first make sure the area is level and clean. The mortar will stick best o­n areas where all of the old mortar has been removed, and all loose materials removed with a wire brush. You will want to practice placing the mortar to ensure all bricks have an even layer between them. Too much mortar, or too little, will not be as visually appealing as evenly spread mortar.

You will need to place a layer of the mortar o­n the brick itself, and then place the brick in the wall your are working o­n. You should expect to add a little more mortar after the brick has been placed, since it will be squeezed slightly o­nce placed within the wall.