Carport and Garage Building

In many areas, the extreme weather conditions that occur over the course of the year make having a carport or garage to protect your car a necessity. An attached carport is a fairly easy structure to erect. Six posts, beams, rafters, end rafters, galvanized bolts, cement, joist hangers, and a galvanized angle bracket are some of the supplies need to build a carport. First, install a support header. Make sure it is square with the outer wall of the house. All the post should be plumb when set in the concrete. When trimming the post, o­ne should make sure that they rise at least seven and a half feet off the slab. Cut two beams into twenty foot lengths and attach them to the posts. The most important thing to accomplish when constructing a carport is the task of making sure the new structure is safe and secure. Carports in areas with high winds are more vulnerable to being warped or detached from the house. Tightening bolts and focusing o­n careful craftsmanship is very important when constructing a carport.

A light metal is the best material out of which to construct the roof of the car port. Attaching the roof is as easy as nailing it into place. Using a proper number of nails can make a difference in the quality and storm endurance of car ports. It is also very important that o­ne install a good number of well-placed screws while attaching the roof. Screws will help create more strength in weaker areas to keep them in place. It is important to use high quality materials when attaching a car port to an existing structure. Unlike a garage, a car pot will be exposed to the elements throughout the entire course of the year, weathering every extreme condition that hits the area. With proper attention to good craftsmanship, o­ne can construct a car port that will protect their car from damage and provide valuable piece of mind.