Essential Tools

In today’s economy, many homeowners are do-it-yourself enthusiasts. They are tapping into their latent handyman skills. Not o­nly does doing the job themselves save money but it gives a sense of accomplishment as well. Before tackling any home improvement task, it is essential to have basic tools o­n hand. No do-it-yourself toolkit is complete without these five basic tools.

1. Hammer: Many home repair jobs are simple in nature and require nothing more than fastening an item in place. A hammer can handle the job quite admirably.

2. Tape Measure: Many home repair jobs require accurate measuring. Whether measuring a room to determine the amount of carpet to install or determining how to center a wall hanging, a tape measure fits the bill. Many home improvement tasks require the use of a tape measure.

3. Drill: A hammer will not put a screw in a wall, but a drill can. When the job requires a screw instead of a nail, o­nly a drill will do. No do-it-yourself toolkit is complete without a drill.

4. Level: Another basic toolkit item is a level. To hang a picture evenly o­n a wall, use a level to ensure accuracy, and rest easy doing the job right the first time.

different nails
5. Assorted Nails and Screws: A hammer and a drill are of no use without nails and screws to use with them. Keep a variety o­n hand for different tasks. Having an ample supply o­n hand at all times is better than not having them when needed.

If building a do-it-yourself toolkit from scratch, start with these basic tools. They are a