Exterior Door Installation

Outside door
Although replacing an exterior door can appear to be a challenge, it is really quite simple and easy.
Assuming you’ve already measured and purchased a new replacement door, here’s the step-by-step:

Get Ready

1) Remove the packaging from the new door. If the door has screws through the door jam, remove them. These are o­nly used for shipping.
2) Remove the old door and trim.
3) Measure the rough opening to assure at least ½ inch clearance o­n all sides of the new door.
4) Apply generous caulking to the subsill. Apply a bead o­ne inch from the outside and another o­ne inch from the inside, all across the threshold.

Install the Door

1) From the outside and with the top tilted toward you, place the bottom of the door o­nto the caulked sill. Straighten the door until it is in place.
2) Assure the door is centered and then tightly shim the frame at the bottom of the opening.

Secure It

1) Place shims behind the hinges first. This is where the door will be permanently attached, so it must be secure.
2) Add more shims as needed around the door to make it square and level.
3) Temporarily secure the door with a couple of nails through the hinge frame (don’t drive them all the way in) and check the door swing. Adjust as necessary.
4) Check outside and inside for evenness. Adjust the door jamb as necessary at the top or bottom.
5) Put a solid shim behind the lock strike.

Finish the Job

1) Secure the hinges with 3” screws.
2) Continue screwing or nailing (according to manufacturer directions) around the door frame until the door is secured. Take care to o­nly fasten the door at shimmed locations so the door frame will be supported.
3) Insulate around the frame with insulation or low-expansion foam.
4) Install the interior trim.