Furniture Renovating

It is a marvelous experience to renovate old furniture. There is o­ne project that I always tell people about with a smile. My husband and friends didn't think it could be done, but I converted a too-large sofa into the perfect size for my home. I used to live in a very small house with a narrow living room. I got a great deal o­n a couch and matching chair.

The fabric o­n the sofa had the exact shade of my living room walls in the pattern. It was perfect except for o­ne thing. The couch was too long for my tiny living room. There had to be a way to make the sofa fit. After looking carefully at how the material was attached to the sofa frame, I thought I'd found the answer. So, I undid the upholstered material o­n o­ne end of the three-cushion sofa and peeled it gently back to the half way point. I detached the wooden framed arm portion of the sofa by removing several screws.

 Then I asked my husband to use his chain saw to cut off o­ne cushion's worth of the length. "Are you sure you want me to do this," he asked. I nodded. He started the chainsaw and made the cut. We also used wire cutters to remove the excess springs. Then I re-attached the arm and smoothed the upholstry materials back into place.

 Now I had extra material that I used to make a matching pillow. My too-long, three-cushion sofa became a perfect-sized love seat in about two hours. It was a fun project and hilarious to see the look o­n people's faces when my husband told them that he had cut our sofa with a chain saw!