Solar Installation

Solar Panels o­n the roof
Many people these days wish that they could cut their energy bills. For those who remain seriously inclined to do so, solar power is probably the best option. It is relatively easy to install and requires very little maintenance. The downside to solar is the initial cost, but this can easily be remedied by several means.

Installing a panel of solar cells o­n the roof of a residence is a fairly easy prospect. The first step is to acquire the solar panels themselves. The major blemish o­n the clean face of solar energy is the initial startup cost. Many localities have realized this, and in turn have offered incentives and rebates which are good toward the purchase and installation of solar equipment. Check with your electrical energy provider to find any of these benefits.

Once the panels are acquired, installation is a matter of screwing and caulking them to a sunny roof surface. In the northern hemisphere, they are typically installed o­n the south side of pitched roofs in order to receive the most possible sunlight year-round.

The second step is to install the electrical control systems. These usually must also be purchased in order to meet building code requirements. However, many of the installation incentives cover a portion of this cost. It is recommended that a professional electrician install them to prevent incorrect installation from potentially damaging existing systems or causing personal injury.

After all this has been accomplished, be prepared to enjoy a reduced energy bill. Typical government incentive plans will include approximate timeframes in which the solar panels will pay for themselves. In as little as three years, significant energy savings can be a reality for your home, not to mention the substantial decrease your home will experience in terms of environmental impact and carbon emissions.