Window Replacement

new windows
The three types of windows that most often need replacement are fixed windows, wood casement windows and aluminum windows. Changing out any of these will require some basic hand tools, a reciprocating saw and a step ladder or extension ladder.

Working from the outside, lift any movable window sections out of the frame To remove the stucco or plaster, cut a line approximately 3” from the edge of the frame and remove that section of stucco using a hammer or chipping tool. Cut the wire lath away to expose the flange, and remove the nails or screws with a hammer and nail bar. For wood siding, remove the window trim and cut the siding back 2” from the edge of the frame. Be sure to leave o­ne, temporary attachment at each of the four sides, while the interior wall finishes are removed.

For the interior side of the window, remove any wood trim, drywall or paneling in order to fully access the window frame. Cut the drywall or paneling 2’ from the window opening o­n all four sides. o­nce the interior finishes are removed, work the blade of the reciprocating saw in the seam between the window frame and the wall framing. Cut all four sides of the widow frame to relieve any remaining fasteners and free the frame. The old window can be lifted out and the new window set in the opening.

Plumb the new window frame with a short level, attaching it temporarily until the fine leveling is done. Attach the new frame permanently using flat head wood screws, approximately every 8" apart, along the flange. The interior wall finishes and exterior stucco or siding can be filled in to complete the window replacement.